The Boys

The Boys

Monday, September 13, 2010

No Girls Allowed!

That's right, it's a Fire Hydrant Club camping trip and it's girl-free! Sluggo picked us up at the pug meet and we're headed to some fun in the sun.

Murphy brought plenty of pillows and blankets:

Duke brought flossies and beef jerky. Being a good club member, he HAD to make sure it was fit for his friends, so he taste tested it before we left.

Murphy packed plenty of snacks. I told Mommy and Daddy they didn't need to check our bags, we knew what snacks our friends like. (And what kind of beer, too! Sam's Octoberfest baby!!Shhhhhhhh......)

Duke, don't be a wimp, you won't get homesick, you'll be with all your pals. (Kids!)

Sluggo picked us up at the pug meet and we were on our way. Stay tuned for our adventures! I hear Sluggo has a few tricks up his sleeve!


  1. You boys beware! Our secret map has already been safely returned. Murphy, Sluggo is turning out to be a bad influence on you guys.Please tell me you had nothing to do with the map heist.

  2. No fair, a boys trip!!!

    Have fun!


    Minnie Moo