The Boys

The Boys

Monday, August 23, 2010

Happy Brithday to our Uncle Manny!

Today is our Uncle Manny's 5th birthday. He likes with Grandma and Grandpa. He's got his issues but he likes us and our Mommy and Daddy. Here they are at our local orchard, during his first fall with them in 2006.

He's puts up with a lot like we do. His first Christmas here he was tortured by the annual Christmas card photo shoot. It's horrible. Either we're elves or reindeer or we have red sweaters. Either way, some pug will be put to shame is some sort of holiday outfit. This is all for the human's fun. We try to protest but once they wave those liver treats at us, we're done. Here is a picture of Manny's first holiday with us. He looks like a bit of a disgruntled elf, doesn't he?
We have to wish our Uncle Manny a happy one. And tomorrow is his "gotcha day"! We hope you get lots of treats Manny (and will you share them with us?)

Monday, August 16, 2010

Exciting Times at "It's a Pug's Life"

Duke and I are very excited to announce that our blog got an award! Check out the details here on Wilma the Pug's blog.

We thought we'd give your seven fun facts about us:

1) Murphy hates hardwood floors. In fact, he's very troubled that Grandma and Grandpa B are putting hardwood floor in their living room.

2) Duke is obsessed with squirrels. Every morning when we go out for our walk, Duke makes a bee-line for the trees so he can hunt them out. He cries and carries on when he sees them. I don't know what a squirrel ever did to him, but he hates them with a passion.

3) We secretly love dressing up. We claim that we hate it when Mommy does it, but we just love showing off. Halloween is the best!

4) Duke loves blueberries, strawberries, watermelon and edamane. Murphy thinks that's just wrong. He loves when Mommy orders Japanese, because she shares with him. Daddy and I think that's gross. We rather eat chips.

5) Duke is a naughty boy and will eat anything that's NOT a toy. Last night Mommy found this:
Can't tell what it is? It used to be the headset to her Blackberry. He's lucky it was the piece of crap that came with the phone and not a bluetooth. Eitherway, we're pretty sure "My pug ate my hands-free device" will NOT get her out of ticket. Perhaps dropping Daddy's name will save her. He also loves, as previously stated, quarters, Q-tips, pieces of wood, kleenex and stuffing from his babies. I'm not sure why he does it. I think he's just a little bit special.
6) I (Duke) may eat stuff around the house, but Murphy eats poop! Yes, that's right Murphy, your secret is out. He gobbles it up. And the most disgusting part is usually it's his own poop! Mommy thinks he doesn't poop in the house but he does, he just eats the evidence! Gross huh? Careful when you kiss him Wilma!
7) We both LOVE other pugs. We love puggy playdates and pug meet ups. Other dogs are great, but pugs are the best. We spent Friday night with our pug buddies Eoghan and Penelope's house running around their backyard. And then Saturday we had a meet up. It was a great weekend. And even thought I only got to see Wilma for five minutes, that short time was precious and will get me through to the next time. (By the way Wilma, Mommy wants to plan a puggy play day at your house. Daddy even wants to come this time! We'll bring the cookies!)
There you go, that's seven fun facts about us. Hope you have a great week readers!