The Boys

The Boys

Friday, September 3, 2010

A good day for Mommy

Mommy wanted us to write about this good deed she did today. It had to do with CATS! How can that be good? (Ummm, hello, your sister is a cat?) Ah yes, we love cats.

Anyway, Mommy volunteered at a cat shelter today for the United Way's Day of Caring. And it made her come home and give Hippie a kiss and tell her that she was so glad she had just ONE - picking up after 50 cats in a day will making you feel like that -and she was glad that she was able to rescue her. I think cat poop fumes got to her.

But Mommy's right. Rescue is a great thing, no matter if you're a cat or a dog. Mommy said there are so many dogs in the world and so many cats who have been tossed aside because people thing they are disposable, like a pair of pants you don't like anymore. It's sad and it makes Mommy said. It also makes us all said when you hear about dogs or cats that aren't treated right. Mommy met a kitty today who was abused. Some stupid kids poured bleach on a cat and it when in his eyes and now his eyes are all messed up. Mommy met him at the shelter today. Despite being abused, this kitty was still lovey dovey. We think that's pretty brave.

There are a lot of dogs and cats out there who have lived rough lives. We think it's important to encourage people to give those fur friends a second chance.

Mommy also had another great part of her day. She got to see Sluggo's mom, Coley. Coley ran right up to Mommy and "woo-woo-ed". This made Mommy happy. We're going to try and visit Coley soon. Maybe we can get Sluggo to come! (And Wilma and Brigitte, too.)

Here is Coley's mom, Jen and Coley. Jen volunteered with Mommy today.

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  1. Oh I get to be first today!
    What a wonderful story you shared about your moma volunteering and spending time with kitties.
    United Ways Day of Caring is a wonderful idea.
    And there are so many kitties that need love.
    I agree with everything you say, how some peoples throw them away like old clothes.
    All 5 of our kitties that we have were dumped here and some were sick. We make them well, take them to the dr . Give them food and beds, and the next thing we know there are more dumped off here.
    People are so cruel to dump out poor kitties and doggies.
    Your mama has a big heart!
    I am so happy your mama had another good part of her day-- to meet Sluggos's mom.
    It sounds to me like it was a good day,
    Nitey nite