The Boys

The Boys

Monday, July 19, 2010

Coley's forever home

Sorry we left out the most important part of the story of Sluggo. Yes, Coley did find a great home. Gail's daughter-in-law, Jen, fell in love with Coley. She had a pug about the same age named Zoe (who is actually the sister of Annabelle - remember Coley nursed her puppies, too?) So Coley lives the high life with her puggy sister Zoe and a new sister, Jessie, who is a German Shepherd, but doesn't realize how big she is because the puggy girls boss her around.

Coley is also hard at work on becoming a therapy dog like Murphy. All she has left to do is learn to sit, which is proving to be a challenge. Why should any pug sit on command anyway? (Psst, Murphy, we get cookies when we sit. Oh, that's right Duke.) Scratch that last comment, readers.

Here is Coley with her sisters Zoe and Jessie. (Coley is the one in the middle.)


  1. Awww Coley, she looks so happy. Such a sweet Mama that Sluggo has. Thanks for the update!