The Boys

The Boys

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Blasts from the past

Hello again! Since Wilmas has sent so much traffic over to our blog. we thought we'd share some pictures of Murphy's foster brother Sluggo. His mom Coley came to us on Christmas eve, 2006 (before Duke). She was pregnant and her old owners told Mommy's rescue organization to come and get her or they'd leave her in their abandoned apartment. She came with her brother Winston, who they were going to put down, just because he was 12. Winston went to a foster home in MA and Coley came to live with me (Murphy).

Mommy and Grandma ran out on Christmas Eve to make sure her stocking was full. The next day, the family came over and gave Coley lots of love because it was Christmas and because she just seemed to blend in.

Mommy met a pug breeder who offered to help her with Coley's litter. Gail was very experienced with pugs, she's been breeding them for years. So in mid January, Coley went to live with Gail so Gail could keep track of her temperature and know when it was time.

On Feb. 2, Groundhog's Day, Gail called Mommy and told her it was happening soon! After a brave labor by Coley, three puppies, two girls and one boy, were born.

Mommy isn't sure which one Sluggo is in this picture, but she thinks he may be the one on the right. Mommy said the puppies were so small, they looked like little hamsters. Sluggo was the middle child. He wasn't breathing when he was first born, but Gail give him a good rubbing with a blanket and he was crying his little puppy cry in now time. Coley had all of her puppies before midnight, just as a light snow began to fall. Mommy and Gail were tired, but they were so excited to see that Coley and her babies were doing so well.

Coley was an excellent mother. She cleaned her pups and fed them like an attentive mother. She was so tired, but you could tell she was so proud. She stayed at Gail's for a while, while the puppies grew. They did have to go to Mommy's for a week while Gail was at a dog show. Mommy took time off of work and slept on an air mattress at Grandma's and our house, so she could check on the puppies every two hours. I (Murphy) of course, like a good foster brother, slept on the twin mattress with her and checked on the puppies each shift.

Before we knew it, the puppies had opened their eyes, were eating solid food, and were play fighting with each other and their mom. Coley got a little sick, but the vet fixed her right up. Coley was raising her babies alongside Gail's pug Annabelle. Coley even climbed into Annabelle's bed one night and fed her puppies. Coley couldn't fight her maternal instinct!

As the puppies told bigger, Mommy knew it would be time to find them homes. Sluggo's sisters went to NJ and MA and Sluggo stayed with Mommy and me for a while. Mommy even thought about keeping him, since he was the last one and she loved him so. I loved Sluggo. His name was Howie went he lived with us. I showed him all about being a pug, including how to lift his lead, steal toys and get into all sorts of trouble. That's what big brothers are for! Here we are, up to something! (And Mommy said to excuse the dirty wall there!) I look like something devilish is up, huh? That was usually the way with me and my bro Sluggo.

But Mommy said I also kept him occupied so he didn't get into too much trouble. And even when Sluggo did get into something, Mommy had a really hard time staying mad. How COULD you with this face? (I taught him this look!)

Mommy and I took Sluggo to our pug meet and introduced him to the gang. She had an idea in the back of her head that if she couldn't give Sluggo a home, she knew who could. All it took was a little convincing, along with some of Sluggo's charm. As you can see, despite their objections that they already had two lovely pug girls, they were hooked! (Come one, how could you not be!)

This is Sluggo and his mom, sucking up to Kathy, Sluggo's new mom. She and Todd LOVED Sluggo. He was pretty cute back then. And so after a week, Mommy and Grandma took our boy to meet his home and to his new siblings, Wilma and Bridgitte. They took to him immediately and as you can see, they all lived happily ever after. And even though Mommy loved Sluggo, if she hadn't of found him his new home, we never would have had room for Duke. And this is a good thing because God knows NO ONE else would put up with his antics. (Hey!) Just kidding. Love you bro!


  1. That is one cute boy. He won over the parents in a heartbeat and has been breaking hearts ever since. I remember being at the meet up when"Howie" was there, and I would just sit there by him the whole time. I was compelled to stay by him. He sure has that animal magnetism. Mom is getting all tearful mumbling about her littler Sluggy Bee. Thanks Murphy for sharing your experience with our little Sluggo with everyone.

  2. Tell your Mommy that my Mommy has the pictures if she wants them (they are on our Walgreens account.) I miss my fostet bro, but Duke sure keeps me busy!

  3. Did Coley find a good home? Wesa sure she dids but her fate wasn't revealed in the story and we were held in paw suspense at every typed word.
    Please divulge.
    The Slimmer Puggums :)

  4. Hi guys! I just loved hearing that story about Sluggo. Sounds like he has had lots of wonderful people surrounding him in all of his different homes.

  5. Awww..that was so sweet. I don't know anyone who would open their home to such a pug in need. It just goes to prove pug people are awesome! I love seeing Sluggo baby pictures. So cute! Mom says she wanted to put him in her pocket and carry him around. Hmmm....I remember her trying to put me in a pocket once...

  6. Such a sweet post!!! Can't wait to get to know you and the Duke better!!



  7. Oh, how sweet! I'm Sluggo's Auntie and I popped over from Wilma's blog to see my little guy. Love, LOVE these pictures and this incredibly sweet post. Thank you! :)

  8. This a very heartwarming true story. We're glad that Sluggo has a wonderful parent like you. Follower number 16!

  9. i was so sorry to hear about your loss over at wilma's blog' my condolenaces go out to you and your family